Knitted Shawl

I thought I would write a bit more about my shawl.

It is a pattern that I got off this blog, I found the original link on the Ravelry page of the lady who sent me the yarn, she has tried to knit the shawl, but as she could not get on with the yarn, gave up and re-homed it to me.
So I have been knitting this for a few days, and I am becoming addicted! It is a pretty lacy look shawl, but the pattern is not very complicated, as long as you don’t have interruptions (I have unpicked quite a few rows, but I am getting better at unpicking now!!!).
The lady who designed the pattern had worked out how often the hand dyed yard changed colour, how much yarn she needed to to do one cycle of the pattern and adjusted it accordingly, so what she ended up with is a shawl, where the colour changes every 10 rows.

Knitting this shawl is exciting! As I knit the first row of the pattern, I see the new colour coming in, the yarn is 2 ply, it looks like each ply is dyed individually, so what you have is 2 colours that work together! As I reach rows 8,9,10 I start to think about what colour will be coming next, so I knit on, I try to knit in rows of 10, and then do some housework, cooking or something else, I have lots of other things that I should be doing, I try to stop at Row 10!!!! But I cannot resist continuing to see how the colours change and see the new colour developing and then how it looks with the previous block of colour.

I started off on a pale olive green with cream, then into a blue with cream, then a brown with cream, a dark conifer green and cream, and then a brown and black, then onto a Blue with cream, slightly darker that the last blue, tehn onto a bright Turquiose blue with cream and bits of blue, and then an olive green with a yellow mustard, now I am moving onto a grey with brown.

And now, looking back at my knitting I cannot remember what row I am on, haha, time to stop typing, work out if I am on row 2 3 or 4. And then get on with something else!

2 thoughts on “Knitted Shawl

  1. This is exactly what I love about varigated yarn too! Even if you don’t plan it you come up with the most wonderful pattern as a result of the color changes!

    • Yes, it’s lovely. I haven’t got very much yarn left, it has worked out less than the pattern has said, well, it looks like it will be less! I am really loving the yarn though. Next I must get some patchwork pieces done, as I am 3 weeks behind, and then I can get back to knitting something else.

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