Catch up

Okay, I haven’t got around to doing a proper post on here for a while, but this is what I am up to!
I was away LRPing at the weekend, it was great fun! While I was away my camera came back, so I have planned to take lots of pictures of various projects, but not got around to it yet.

I have almost finished my sock, got about an inch to go and then do the toes, but yesterday I started a cardigan in Chunky wool, it’s so lovely and I have had 2 orders in to make them for other people already!
Today I have made a cheese and spinach quiche and 2 mango tea bread loaves.
Suma is due today, which is a pain, as I am collecting from school and need to go to buy some veggies form the shop.
Today is Ashie’s last full day in compulsory education!
Stevie ate my easter egg last night – not happy 😦
I have discovered cheaper vegan marshmallows, so ordered some.
I’ve just washed out a tomato puree tube, a tartex tube and a toothpaste tube to melt with a blow torch tomorrow! My hands now smell off toothpaste!
Got to write up my notes from college last week and do some homework before tomorrow night.
Okay, back to do an hour of knitting before Stevie gets home.

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