Relaxing day?


I haven’t been here for ages, how are you all?

I’m trying to have a bit of a chill day today, we have been very busy with work since the Christmas rush began, and other than 4 quiet days in the middle of January, things have been go-go-go.
Yesterday, was one of those days, nothing seemed to go right, nothing major happened, but you know those days when everything seems to go against you. Silly things really, I couldn’t get an envelope to print, not sure why, it just wouldn’t have it, so the envelope was written by hand! I tried to sort out sending a parcel, filled in all the details online, hit pay, and got an error, entered it all again, then the internet timed out, 3rd time lucky. I took parcels to the post office, one bag had torn, so sellotaped it up, and then I said a parcel was going to USA, but that one was Canada, so the Post Office person had to cancel the transaction and redo it. There were other things as well, silly, clumsy things, but I won’t bore you with them, let’s just say – One of those days.

I’m tired, I can’t sleep properly, my head won’t switch off. Sometimes I am excited about things, or worried about my sons, daughter, and step daughter, but recently I am fed up with not sleeping. Today, it’s another one of those days! Lack of sleep, so I planned to have a lie in, the boys were all out, 2 at work, one stayed over at a friends, so nothing to disturb be. Except the youngest texting at 7am, I had just managed to get back to sleep after my partner and eldest going off to work at 6.30. So dispite laying in bed for another 2hours fighting to try to sleep, I couldn’t.

Today, I have choked on a cup of tea, and spat it all over the laptop! I decided that I would have a relaxing bath, then the youngest, who I was supposed to collect at 3pm, decided he wanted to come home early, we had a series of Text going back and forwards, with me saying I didn’t have transport, he wanted me to collect his girlfriend too. He is at his friends 8 miles away, his girlfriend lives 8 miles in the other direction, and I don’t have any transport until later in the afternoon. But sometimes, no matter how many times you try to explain, they think you can work miracles. Then, I dropped my phone in the bath, so much for a relaxing bath!! It’s quiet now, as phone is in pieces and in a bowl of rice!

I now sit, tired, exhausted, and can almost see the funny side of things. But know that this afternoon, I need to be in 4 places at the same time, collecting Will 8 miles away in a south west direction, a meeting 10 miles away in a west direction, at home for a parcel delivery, and collecting his girlfriend 8miles away in a north east direction

Maybe tonight I will sleep, I can only hope, as I do every night, and maybe tomorrow will be less complicated and more relaxing!


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