I am here, working away!

It’s been a busy summer of Festivals, Fairs, Reenactments, etc. With little time to slow down before the Christmas orders started in October.
I’ve got a new work website,  and lots more items on sale than previously.
It has now got much colder, with beautiful frosts most mornings.
I am now starting to wonder if I will be hit by TN (Neuralgia) again this year. I’ve had discomfort in my ear since september, I keep threatening to see the Dr. but I feel I don’t want to waste his time! But this week, the twinges have started in my face, I have no tooth pain. But twinges in my ear, jaw, and under my eye. I need to keep warm, and really hope I don’t have another winter of TN 😦 Although previously it was believed that it was caused by abcesses, there never seemed to be any abcesses when the pain started, so who knows.
Anyway, check out our new website, there are some great Christmas gift ideas!


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