Quiet after Christmas

Welcome to 2017! Happy New Year!

Last year was a very busy work year for us, and then after the last recommended posting date to US, it really slowed down. Slowly we began to have time when we weren’t working! And each day has become more and more laid back. We are still working, working on the website, I’ve quoted on a few jobs, and we’re discussing plans for the year, but we are now able to chill a little.

Today I feel like I have more time to do other things, and I have kept myself very busy. At 7am this morning I started making Lemon Curd, then I made a large pan of Chilli (some for tea, some for the freezer), then a Lentil & Carrot Soup (for the freezer), and some Cheese & Spinach Sauce (for the freezer – will be used in a lasagne or Tart, mixed with some mashed potato for pasties, or calzone), and then I made a Lemon Meringue Pie, and some Mince Pies. I’ve done lots of cleaning, and clearing, and sorting in the kitchen too, I have an urge to Spring clean!

I’ve used up lots of veggies out of the fridge, now to work out what I can do with a bag of Sprouts, Bubble & Squeek is the most obvious, but I used all of the potatoes in the soup!! And as I am on a ‘use it up’ mission, I don’t want to buy anything so I can use something else up!!

In my clearing up, I have counted more that 30kg of sugar, none of it white, but a interesting selection of light and dark soft, and light and dark muscovado, some preserving sugar, and demerara. Then there is flour around 40kg of it – white flour, brown flour, bread flour, chapatti flour, malted flour, plain flour, SR flour, Emmer Flour, Spelt Flour etc. Guess that will be my next challenge, to use some of that up!!


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