In the Kitchen

Wow, it’s been ages since I posted!

Just thought I would do a post about my day so far.

It’s quiet in the house today, just me and the cats. I did have another guess for a little while, a mouse, but Odin did as he was told and took it outside!

I am just having a break from the kitchen, I have been busy for the past few hours and have made a lentil, carrot, & potato Soup, A Walnut and Puy Lentil Roast. I’ve made Roman Biscuits (Spelt, Cinnamon and Honey), and have Roman Bread rising (Spelt and Honey bread).

One of my favourite experiences this morning was opening a 16Kg bucket of 9 year old Churchdown Honey – wow, just wow, the smell was amazing, it was an amazing dark golden brown in colour, and the taste, well, wow! I decanted about 3kg of it into a smaller bucket ready for my baking. (M in L was a bee keeper, who doesn’t like honey!)

I am now wondering what else to make, I have loads of dry ingredients e.g. Flour (White SR, Brown SR, White Plain, Brown Plain, Gram, Spelt, Emmer, Wholewheat bread, white bread, corn, rice, chapati), I have lots of seeds, loads of pulses, some dried fruit, some nuts, lots of grains, lots of honey. Not many fresh ingredients. And anything I make will have to keep or go in the freezer, as Will & I are on our own until tomorrow night.


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