Will’s gardening adventure

I just don’t have time to grow things any more, it’s been a couple of years, there have been some half arsed attempts, but nothing successful to report.

Today is Sunday, on Thursday Will said to me something like, I really want to grow some stuff! I was amazed! He said when he is older, he wants to do the whole self sufficient thing – I quickly walked over to the book case, pulled out and gave him Seymours Complete book of Self Sufficiency. He flicked through the first few pages stopping at the 1 acre page, saying we could do that here, well, we don’t quite have an acre, but we have plenty of room. He excitedly talked about growing vegetables, and fruit, and herbs, and keeping bees. We do have a Hive in the garden, but have never got around to ‘torching’ it, and putting in the frames.

On Friday he came home from school still talking about growing edibles, so I pulled out a box of seed, we went over to the greenhouse, which was overgrown with Raspberries, and Convulvolus, he set about clearing it out. He found an ice cream tub of seed and sorted through it throwing the old seed, but some seed was still okay!

When we woke up on Saturday morning, at 7.30am, Will was not in his room, the loo, or the front room. I went outside and looked over to the greenhouse, there he was with watering can in hand. I got some shoes on and wandered over, he had planted Chicory, something I had never grown, hence still having the seed! and all I think of is the horrible cheap coffee that I used to drink when I was in my early 20’s and living in a bedsit, no money to afford anything nice, so the 50p jars of chicory coffee had to suffice.

He asked if we could go to a garden centre, and he had a shopping list! We went to the local garden centre, he passes it everyday on his way to the bus stop on his way to school, yes, it’s that close! He eyes up all the things tht he wanted, and noted the prices, we wanted to give our business to the local, but also wanted to have a quick look elsewhere for inspiration. We then went to a local nursery, sadly they seemed to be unable to cope with the sunshine and heat, and most of the plants that they were selling were fit for the compost bin. Then on another half a mile to one of the larger Garden Centres, you know the ones, their best sellers being BBQ’s, Swinging sofas, and hot tubs! We looked around the plants, and the only thing that caught his attention was  Jalapeno, as hey did not have one in the ‘local’.

So back at the ‘local’ he bought an indoor pot and saucer for the plant on his bedroom window sill – a money tree! 5 rows of plants, as it was cheaper to buy 5 – Courgette, CFB, Radish, lettuce, and spring onions. A packet of chard seed and a packet of beetroot seed, some compost, and a large tomato plant where 4 plant are grafted onto one rootstock, and a mint.

WHen we got home he went back to the green house, within an hour he had planted the seed, also some cloeus, and viola seed that he had found in my collection. He’d also potted on the Mint. But was then wondering what to do with the veggies, he needed a plot, or raised bed…


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