Creating an Elven Coat

I have recently started knitting again, I’ve made a beautiful Chunky Fishermans Rib Jumper, I am on the last sock of 4 pairs of socks, and now I feel it’s time for another project.
I want to design and make an Elven coat, inspired by Morale Fibres wonderful coat.
I don’t crochet, so want to create something like this, but knitted.
I know this will be a long term project, I want to play, and I want to use up yarn. I’m also thinking about making the final edging with Nalbinding.
This may take me years, this may be my only post on the whole idea. But I just need this space to record my thoughts.

The first thing to do was to work out a chevron pattern that I am happy with, that has neat increases and decreases, wih the lines sloping the correct way.

Creating the Chevron pattern
DK yarn 4.5mm circulars, 4.5mm for no reason other than they were the first ones I picked up.
After playing with 6 or 7 chevron edges, different increases and decreases, I am now happy with my first test piece, it’s 49 stitches.

Thoughts – now to add straights, how many panels of chevron and straights? And how will I decrease into the waist? Do I knit as panels or one continuous piece?

Trying not to get carried away thinking about colour, I have so much acrylic to use up, will just use random yarns to get the pattern sorted.

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