At the moment I have 3 allotments, although I will be giving the one up very soon. I will be keeping 2 allotments that are on the same site, next door but 2 to each other, convenient and within walking/cycling distance from home. The 3rd allotment, which I have had for 5 yrs is just that little bit too far away to go to without taking the car, also I am no longer fond of this allotment as lots of produce was stolen in 2009, and i just don’t feel I LOVE it anymore.

Very soon it will be time to get digging and planting, I am looking forward to writing about what I have been up to down on the allotment!


3 thoughts on “Growing

  1. Ive now got the keys to my allotment and Ive taken a day off work tomorrow to make a start.
    I have hired a rotovator because I need to play catch up with the soil prep.

    Although you told me to buy plants and not seeds I must confess that the excitement overcame me and I now have a greenhouse full of seed trays!

    Keep up the good work with the posts!

    • Hi Sue
      I am still trying!

      I built my beds up and have covered half my plot with netting. It cost a small fortune to make it high enough for me to be able to walk upright but it will be worth it. The bloody pigeons played havoc on my brassicas!

      I have also bought a poly tunnel, which is about 4metres by 10 meters. Not quite sure why I bought one that big or what I am going to plant in it!

      I have designed a self watering irrigation system using an old car battery, a solar panel trickle charger, a soaker hose, a battery operated timer and a caravan water pump.

      This Should hopefully keep the poly tunnel stuff well watered.

      I’m looking forward to your regular posts as I try to copy what you do! I am even chitting my potatoes this year

      Keep up the good work Sue

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