I love crafting, I always have lots of projects on the go, and really must learn to finish one before starting another!

I love to knit, this winter I have knitted lots of hats.
I like making cards, I make cards with paper, but also like to embroider or cross stitch toppers to put on the cards.
Cross stitching is very relaxing, I also do other types of embroidery, and want to get much better at it, and learn new stitches.
I have a spinning wheel that I was given on a long term loan, I am still trying to master the basics of getting my hands and foot coordinated, but I will get there one day!
I like to make clothes, so far I have only made a few bits, most of which has been used in LRP. I had a dress form for Christmas, so I am really excited about all the clothes I am going to make!
I also do things like tassel making, tatting, and luceteering.
I also have lots of other little projects and crafty things that I would like to do, these include making paper, soap, and candles.


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