Healthy Eating Vegetarian

There is a tab called Cooking, under it you ill find lots of recipes!

I am vegetarian, I avoid buying food from Multi National companies, and I try to buy Organic where possible. I like to grow my own vegetables, so eat seasonally, even when I do buy veg, I rarely buy out of season. I like good wholesome food that I try to make from scratch. I avoid foods with lots of unnecessary additives.

Just a couple of things to think about…. (NB, these comments are over 2 years old, they may have changed! I will have to check again some time, but please, if you know that these are no longer correct, please add a comment)

Did you know that in the US, Kelloggs use GM sugar beet in their cereals?

That Kelloggs cereals in the UK are not Vegan? The have confirmed that Cornflakes and Coco pops are no longer suitable for Vegetarians and Vegan as the Vitamin D3 comes from an animal source.

Starbucks are going to start serving their drinks in BONE china cups, where half the dry weight is ground up cattle bones!

How many Vegetarians do you know that just eat fries in McDonalds? Well, the flavouring in the fries is Beef stock!


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