LRP, LARP, Live Role Playing

Hope to write some LaRPing stuff sometime.

LRPing is great fun!


In February was the Whats Your Game Kit Fayre and Banquet, it was a great weekend.

In March we went to Tortuga with the Midnight Fleet, a fantastic Pirate LRP

In April we will be visiting Mars once again for a bit of Steampunk

In May we will be in Orin Rakatha with Herofest

And in June it will be time for more Steampunk on Mars

In July we will be off to Orin Rakatha once more, and then Germany for Mythlodea and Drachenfest

In September it will be Herofest once again, and maybe a trip to Mythlore

In October we may be attending Heroes and Dragons

And in November it will be time for some Winter War!


My first event of 2012 was a Stargate event. It was fun!

Then there was the  Herofest banquet in February

The next event of 2012 that I am going to is Heroes & Dragons (see video above!!). I will be crewing, it is free to crew, and we are always looking for more crew! Lifts available from Gloucester, York, Nottingham, Derby. For more information

After all the fun we had at our own gathering last year we have booked up again for 2012. Only £30/£35 for the weekend including some food, there will be IC and OOC moments, but sure to be lots of fun  Winter War Weekend 2012. 2011 pictures here.

I hope to be at 3 Herofest events (playing), 1 H&D event (crewing), another 3 Stargate (crewing and playing) events, the  Winter War Weekend social & fun that I organise in November and any others, maybe a pirate one! Also maybe the Steampunk one. There is also Mythlore this year, a once a year event, but I cannot make it as we are on holiday in Devon!

Making costume links

Thorin’s costume

Thorin’s shirt

Making Thorin’s cloak

Cattalaya costume

Norwegian clasp

Attor’s shirt 27th Dec  Finished shirt

Attor’s Tunic

Tricorn hat

String Maile

Ingrid’s skirt

Ingrid’s costume

Ingrid’s Cloak

Various Bodice link   31 Dec Jan 2 Jan 3 Jan 10 Jan  15 Jan  19 Jan  22 Jan


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