Making Alcohol!

We make Beer, Cider, Wine, Mead, Liquors.

If you are looking for information about the craft cider, please hover over the making alcohol tab on the main page, there will be a cider project tab, hover over this, and the varities of cider made will be listed, click on the tab for further information.

N.B. The name of the Cider e.g. Jez, is the name of the barrel in which it was brewed. 2010 is the year the fruit. So Jez 2010 was made with apples from 2010 in the barrel called Jez. Jez 2011 will have no similarities to the Jez 2010, only in that it was brewed in the same barrel!


2 thoughts on “Making Alcohol!

  1. hi Sue

    my allotment hasoads of rhubarb and i am not a rhubarb lover (1 crumble a year is probably 1 portion too many) however I have had rhubarb wine before and loved it so hey presto, a solution.

    Do u have any good recipes and advice for me to make the rhubarsb wine, I will need a fast brewing recipe as I am not very patient!

    Look forward to your reply

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