Alcohol Data Sheets

It is important that you keep a paper record of your brewing, I keep a lot of my notes on this blog, but also keep more detailed paper copies. It is very useful as you can then refer back to it if you have a particularly nice brew that you want to recreate, or one that is nasty. It is also useful for general good practice in the food industry, not that you will be selling it, but handy to keep nevertheless.

I have folders of datasheets for each type of brewing. I have Mead, Beer, Cider, Perry, & Wine datasheets.

They contain the following information (there are some differences depending on the type of alcohol being made)
Container Information
Type or number of container/barrel.
What the containers have been washed and sterilized in and when.

Fruit etc. Information
The type of fruit/flower/vegetable etc used.
Where picked and when
Date of processing, how processed.
Weight of fruit etc.
For the Cider and Perry, details are also kept of the method of scratting and pressing, weight of fruit, and volume of liquid after processing. Together with when and how all ‘tools’ were cleaned/sterilized.

Fermentation Information
Details and dates of the following ..
Original gravity, starting gravity
Yeast Make and strain
Honey or sugar added
Nutrients added
Date started fermenting (for cider/perry)
Finishing gravity
Finishing colour
Then space for a paragraph on notes.

Racking information
What was vessel cleaned/sterilized in
Gravity at racking

Washing/Sterilizing information
Date of bottling
Number & size of bottles
Bottle conditioning information (cider/perry/beer)
Pasteurisation information

I also do a graph that I complete after every gravity reading.

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