Jez 2010

Red capped
Jez 2010 is a bottle conditioned cider made with mixed apples from an orchard in Oddington (Near Stow), collected on 22nd October 2010, scratted and pressed using an automatic industrial machine on site.

The original gravity was 1054, the final gravity was 1.000 making the alcohol content by volume 7.6% (inc .5% for priming sugar)

The cider was bottle conditioned on the 11th April 2011, with the addition of 5g of golden granulated sugar. Other than this 5g of sugar, there have been no additional ingredients (no added yeast, added sugars or sweeteners, no added water), it is made with 100% pure apple juice and only 5g of sugar per bottle to bottle condition.

38 x 500ml bottles were made, which will be ready for drinking after the 6th June 2011.

(7 x 750ml bottles were also made which were not bottle conditioned)


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