Having a clear out of Craft Materials

I used to do lots of crafting in my spare time, but now I just don’t have the time to do it. I have boxes and boxes of materials and supplies, whatever project I fancied doing, whether it be Embroidery, Knitting, Cross Stitch, Crochet, etc. I had the ‘stuff’ to do it with. I am now having a clear out, because I just haven’t got the time to do it, and my eyesight isn’t as good as it was.
If there is something that you are looking for please give me a shout, I will be listing items on our Etsy shop when I have the time.


In the garden

Today we have planted out the Squash and Courgettes.

We have potted on some Tomatoes, planted the Runner Beans into loo roll tubes, and sowed Spring Onions into a trough.

The potatoes are growing well, as is the wonderfully coloured Rainbow Chard. The Beetroot has come through, but a little sparse, so we have planted some more seed in the gaps.

We have uncovered the Gooseberry, trimming away the long grass growing around it to reveal a plant covered in mini gooseberries, won’t be long before we can have a crumble or fool.

The Apple trees and Greengage are in full bloom. But the plum trees are yet to flower.

Next jobs include trimming back the nettles that are growing behind the greenhouse, and hopefully we will find the Redcurrant and Blackcurrant bushes that have been hidden by them. And very soon we will need to dig another bed for the runners. We have a pond, to plant!! Not entirely sure where to place it, away from the trees, close to the plot, but not in the way. The grass really needs cutting too, as it’s been around 2 weeks, and we need to get some foundation in the Hive so we can give some Honey Bees a home!

It’s been a busy week trying to juggle work, and caring for Mum. Today we really needed a bit of time off.

I’m a Grandmother!

day 1Tyler Mark Estcourt Lawn, 12th March 2015 5.30pm, &lb 2oz
My Grandson Tyler is now 1 week old, this week has flown by, he is slowly settling in to a routine. We are really looking forward to giving Baby Ty his very own little Monkey with his Birth Details embroidered on it, and a snuggly fluffy Monkey blanket with his name on it.

We are now finishers of lovely Cubbies, they are personalised stuffie soft toys which are personalised to finish.They can be embroidered with names, special messages, designs and birth squares, and are a great gift for everyone, not just a baby! I have seen them with Valentines messages, Wedding messages, and as presents for 60th Birthdays. Ideal for Christenings, Christmas, Birthdays, and even gifts to your page boy/page girls. And they really are beautiful.

There are also Blankies, lovely soft blankets with the head of your favourite Stuffie soft toys, these make ideal comforts for a baby, so very soft and snuggly.

We also have Dumbles, elephants with Jumbo ears, and Rucksacks, and coming very soon are the Harlequin range, made of a patchwork of different textured fabrics.

For more information have a look at our business page


I am starting to feel like Spring is definitely on it’s way.

There are lambs in the field next door, and a new addition to my family is due any day, over due in fact, any day now I will become a Grandmother – gosh that makes me feel old!

Today we have been out in the garden, we had a bit of a tidy up, have planned what we will be growing this year, and then took a walk to the Nursery to buy some seed potatoes and vegetable seeds. We re hoping for another couple of nice days over the weekend where we can all get out and really get to work.

We are now waiting for the first of our Martins to return, not sure when it will be, but think it should be some time this month or next, I’ve tried searching on line to get an approx. date of their return, but as yet cannot find anything more than Spring, Mar/Apr, or Apr/May. Do you know?


So with the all clear with the Neuralgia, I am feeling very happy. I love my life, I have a wonderful partner, my boys are happy, I live in a lovely house in a lovely part of Gloucestershire – I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Business is good, I love being self employed, we have had some good embroidery orders recently and very happy customers, and we have just bought some new equipment to expand the business.

I have a good home:work balance with very little stress, the stress that I do have is beyond my control, I do worry about the girls, but knowing there is nothing I can do can be frustrating, but I do what I can.

I wish my daughter would be happy, and that she would be part of my life, but over the past 18months she has become more and more distant. It’s very sad, but I have come to terms with it, and I will be here when she needs me.
I wish my step daughter would be happy too, what is it with girls? She knows what she wants, but it is hard for her to make herself be heard with having 2 separated parents who do not see eye to eye. She is the only one that seems to suffer, and it is not good for her, one day, hopefully, her views will be seen as important and she will finally be listened to.