It is worth finding out if you have a food cooperative near you. You might want to consider setting one up yourself, or like me, get together a group of people who all want to bulk buy, support a ethical company, and save money on their food shop!

I have been ordering from suma since June 2008. They supply the Health Food Shops, and you get your food at wholesale prices! Yay!

There is a minimum order of £250, now that sounds a lot, but think! How much do you spend in the supermarket?

I started placing an order when needed, usually 6-8 weekly, but then as I told people what I was doing, there was more interest! I now have around 15 people who order, around 8 regularly! It doesn’t suit everyone, it depends what you eat, but I find it fantastic.

I get dried and tinned pulses, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, flour, milk, porridge, rice, squash, orange juice and lots of other things.

And nowadays, as there are so many people ordering, I place the order on the first Friday of every month, it arrives the following Tues/Weds in a big lorry! It takes me a little while to sort it out, and then I like people to collect their shopping as soon as possible, usually within a day.

I do not make any profit, but my friends are able to save money with me, and support an ethical company.


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