Will in the garden

The story continues ….

As Will only has 1 working arm at the moment, he broke his elbow falling off of his skateboard last weekend!, digging a veg bed, or building a raised bed was a bit out of the question for him, so we worked together.

Will now has his very own vegetable bed, it’s just under 2m long, by 1m20 wide. By the end of yesterday he had a filled and ready to go raised bed! And he had also potted on the tomato plant and put it in it’s final position.

I had just woken up this morning, around 7am, when WIll knocked on the door. “I can sleep, all I can think about is planting my plants in the raised bed”. By 9am this morning, Will and I had planted around 25 spring onion plants, 25 radishes, 2 courgetts, 9 CFB, 9 lettuce!

And this afternoon he wants to go to a Garden. There is a local garden open this afternoon as part of the NG Scheme, so we are going for an afternoon out!

I’m so proud of him, and his enthusiasm is so refreshing!


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